Best Places To Travel In April 

In The USA


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Spring Break crowds can hamper your vacation, but you don’t have to choose the crowds for your US April travel destination.

Escape the crowds and discover hidden gems this spring break by venturing to destinations off the beaten path

Channel Islands National Park, CA

A secluded archipelago off the coast of Southern California, Channel Islands National Park is the perfect location to enjoy warm weather and well-preserved marine ecosystems.

Denali National Park, Alaska

The natural wildlife, meandering rivers, and gorgeous mountains make this park the perfect holiday destination for your next adventure trip.

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Havasu Falls, Arizona

At this time of year, it’s a perfect temperature to attempt the Havasupai hike, which is around 10 miles from the trailhead parking lot to the falls.

Sedona, Arizona

It’s getting warm in this northern Arizona city but not too hot. The climate is perfect for checking out some of the best hikes in Sedona.

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Texas Hill Country, Texas

Spring in Texas is filled with wildflowers and is meant to be enjoyed, just before May brings the sweltering summer heat.

Washington, D.C.

Springtime in D.C., and specifically the month of April, means the Cherry Blossoms are blooming.

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Where Is The Warmest Place In The US in April?

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86ºF  Phoenix, Arizona

84ºF  Miami, Florida

80ºF  Austin, Texas

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