Best Pop Up Campers

With their compact build and ease of maneuvering, pop-up campers make a great choice for the weekend warrior or smaller-sized family looking to get into tight campsites.

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A.k.a tent trailer is a type of RV that can be collapsed into a smaller and more portable size for easy transport and storage when you’re on the road.

What Is A Pop-Up Camper?

When fully set up, a typical pop-up can provide enough space for 3 mattresses and sometimes come with a small bathroom, kitchen sink, and dining area. 

Compacts & lightwieght

They can go to more areas where larger trailers aren’t allowed

Can be towed easily

More affordable and cheaper to maintain

Pros and Cons of  Pop Up Campers


You’ll need to exert effort when setting it up

Low-end pop-up campers are not enough to protect you against external elements like animals lurking around.

Pros and Cons of  Pop Up Campers


Forest River Flagstaff Pop up Campers

Unlike the canvass sides seen on most pop-up campers, it has hard wall sides that offer more security and privacy from your neighboring campers.

Sylvansport Go Pop Up Camper

What makes this pop-up camper stand out from the rest is its exterior pod design that is truly unique and also its best selling point. 

Coachman Clipper Classic

Perfect choice for camping families and larger groups due to its spacious interior which has a sleeping capacity of up to 7 people.

Air Opus 4

Features an upgraded chassis and off-road-ready tires ready for various kinds of terrains. With AIR-inflated technology, this tough pop-up camper has a surprisingly large spacious interior

Ideally No, it should not leak given that your pop-up campers are in good condition. Holes or tears on the roof or walls can lead to leakage. 

Do pop-up campers leak when it rains?

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