Best Sandwich Shops In Nashville, TN

Looking for the best sandwich shops while touring Nashville, TN?

You're in for a treat!  Nashville has so many sandwich shops where you can go for a quick craving fix.

What Food is Nashville Most Famous For?

Nashville is famous for its Hot chicken.

Nashville’s hot chicken is a variation of spicy chicken and saucy chicken.  The spice of Nashville’s hot chicken is deep in the chicken meat itself and not just the breading.

Hattie B's Hot Chicken

Try the Famous Nashville Hot Chicken at

Prince's Hot Chicken

Pepper Fire

Best Nashville Sandwich Shops

51st Deli

51st Deli offers a variety of classic sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and served hot off the grill.

Bill's Sandwich Palace

Located downtown in the heart of Nashville, Bill's offers a variety of sandwiches to satisfy any craving.

Little Hats Market

These sandwiches come with freshly-baked bread, house-made pickles, and Nashville hot sauce.

Eastwood Deli Co.

All the sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients, and the menu includes a variety of classic favorites, as well as some unique Nashville-inspired creations.

Mitchell Delicatessen

Their focus is on creating high-quality sandwiches while also providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

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