Best Ski Helmets

Cruising down the slopes is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t come without caution, and for skiers and snowboarders, the last thing you want is a head injury.

Plenty of Ski helmets on the market come in various designs and features, but only a few can deliver optimum protective performance.

Choosing the right ski or snowboarding helmet is not that hard. Make sure to consider the followingfactors;

How To Choose a Ski or Snowboard Helmet?


Use: Resort Skiing Vs. Backcountry Skiing

Ski Goggle Compatibility

Although no US law mandates any protective standards for snowsports helmets, two independent organizations certify snow helmets to a safety standard. 

Ski and Snowboard Helmet Certifications

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

Best Ski Helmets

on the market

Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Sport Helmet

Aerocore construction for impact protecton and increased ariflow

Hybrid Shell Construction

Smith Quantum MIPS Snow Helmet

Uses Koroyd® material which absorbs more energy in a crash than traditional foam materials used in some helmets.

Sweet Protection Igniter II MIPS Helmet

 Superlight shell technology and unique Impact Shields

With MIPS technology that reduces rotational forces to the brain

POC Meninx RS Mips Snow Helmet

Its ABS shell, MIPS technology, and liner with EPS and EPP sections provide optimum protection and comfort.

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