Best Awning Lights for Camper


Camper awning lights  provide much-needed light and security during nighttime hours and also add a touch of style and class that can really help to make your camper stand out.

Yes, you can use regular lights for your camper. However, standard light fixtures can drain the battery easily.

Can You Use Regular Lights In A Camper?

Camper lights are designed to use less power so that they don’t drain the battery as quickly.

Camco Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights

These globe awning lights can illuminate your surroundings while creating a festive look, perfect for outdoor events.

Dream Lighting Awning Lights

This LED lighting has a 40-degree downcast illumination design and is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. 

Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights

If you're the fun and retro type of camper, then these quirky awning lights are for you! Choose from 5 different designs.

Kohree LED RV Exterior Lumen Light with Switch

This LED exterior lighting has a clear lens and amber lens for you to choose from.


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