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Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?

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If you enjoy both of enjoy ATV riding and riding the snowmobile, then it’s understandable that you would want to wear the same helmet since they're similar.

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While it is possible to use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding, it’s not the best idea.  Keep in mind these helmets won’t provide the same level of protection as an ATV-specific helmet would.

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Snowmobile helmets, like all helmets, are designed to provide a certain level of protection during specific activities.

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For ATV riding, you’ll need an ATV helmet that meets the safety standards for that type of activity.

Snowmobile Helmet  Vs.  ATV Riding Helmet



Snowmobile helmet: longer, angular shape, adjustable face shields

ATV riding helmets: rounded and compact, integrated sun visors


Snowmobile helmet: have ventilation systems that keep the wearer warm

ATV riding helmets: ventilation systems are designed for breathability in hot climates.


Snowmobile helmet: heavier than as they are designed with extra insulation for cold weather protection.

ATV riding helmets: designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic


Snowmobile helmet: more expensive than  due to their added insulation for cold weather

ATV riding helmets: generally less expensive

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Safety should always be the top priority when choosing between a snowmobile and ATV riding helmet. 

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Make sure to take into consideration all of the features, design and weight before making a purchase. 

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