Cheapest  Time To Visit Gatlinburg, TN


Gatlinburg can be an expensive town to visit, but it can also be cheap if you know when to come! With a little bit of planning, Gatlinburg isn’t out of reach for anyone’s budget.

Cheapest Time To Visit Gatlinburg TN

If you’re looking to save on your next vacation, consider visiting Gatlinburg  in January, February  or May

This is the off-season in Gatlinburg,  meaning you’ll have more affordable options and smaller crowds.

January & February

It a low-key time to visit and generally have lower rates.  Except for Memorial Day weekend which tend to have higherrates.


September after Labor day is also a cheap time to visit Gatlinburg. After Labor Day, things usually calm down a bit as the kids are all back in school. 

How Can I Go To Gatlinburg On A Budget?





Take the Trolley for Cheap Travel

Visit during the off-season

Look for discount tickets and coupons.

Camping or renting a cabin

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Pro Tip:

Working  directly with cabin owners will more likely get you lower rates and better deals than with cabin rental agencies.

Save more and enjoy discounted rates at  GSM Family Vacations during these times of the year!

Where to Stay in Gatlinburg?


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