RV Freezer Organizer Hacks


Organizing areas in an RV camper are more often than not, a challenge and an RV freezer is no exception to this.

Due to their limited space, you must be creative when shuffling and arranging items inside an RV freezer.

What Can I Use To Organize My Freezer?

Use  magnetic clip-on baskets with multiple compartments 

Use stackable shelves and bins

 Basket dividers to create neat rows for storage

RV Freezer Organizer Hacks

RV Freezer Organizer Hacks

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Know Your Freezer Type

This will determine the type of storage containers to be used.

Upright freezers- use stackable containers and shelves

Chest freezers- use basket dividers

Organize Food into Categories

Store proteins, vegetables, baking ingredients, and other frozen foods in designated areas of the freezer

Use Organizers

Get rid of all the boxes! Freezer bags, shelves, drawers, containers, bins, and racks are all common items used for freezer organization.

Label Everything

Freezer-safe labels are a great way to ensure that you’re keeping track of when foods go into the freezer, how long they have been stored, and which items were frozen together.

It’s a must to always practice FIFO (First In, First Out) system to avoid spoilage.

 Marking each bag with a date before storing will make it easier for you to track which foods need to be used first.

Freeze Food in Smaller Portions

Freezing food in smaller portions makes it easier to defrost and reheat small portions instead of reheating the whole batch. 

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