Halloween Camping Activities

Halloween is a special time of year for many people, but especially for kids.  And Halloween camping activities can be a great way to make the holiday even more fun. 

Get planning and make this Halloween the best one yet!

Halloween Camping Activities

Halloween Camping Activities

Dress up your campers and campsite with some Halloween camping decorations to get in the vibe of the spooky season! 

Decorate Your RV or Campsite

Hang Halloween lights

Decorate your RV or tent with Halloween-themed banners or flags.

Have Jack-O-Lanterns scatter around the campsite

Add fake spiderwebs and fake bats.





Halloween won't be complete without Halloween costumes! Have a contest to see who can come up with the best Halloween costume.

Halloween Costume Contest

One thing's for sure, children love to look for stuff. There are plenty of Halloween scavenger hunt printable online so you have many options

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween is the perfect time to take a night hike! The air is cool, the leaves are falling, and you might even see some Halloween creatures out and about.

Go For A Night Hike

You'll never go wrong with this Halloween classic!

Go Trick-or-Treating!

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