How Do You Hike With Kids?

Does hiking with your kids seem like an impossible task?  Is the idea of getting the kids outside and on a trail absolutely overwhelming? A family hike doesn’t have to be impossible or overwhelming.

Just like traveling with kids takes creative planning, practice, and determination, teaching kids to love the outdoors through hiking is worth the effort.

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the best gear for hiking with kids is gear that is lightweight, minimal, and comfortable.

Kids hiking gear

1. Kids hiking shoes/BOOTS

2. Kids hiking backpacks

3. Kids hiking clothes

Socks, shirt, trekking pants/ shorts

What to pack hiking with kids?

The 10 Essentials

Navigational Tools

Sun Protection

Hiking Clothes


First Aid Kits

Food and Snacks For Hiking With Kids

Feed them and feed them often!

Kids have a lot of energy, but they also have a lower threshold for sustaining their blood glucose than adults do.

Tip #1

Keep their minds engaged.

Tips To Get Kids Excited About The Outdoors

Talk while walking

Hike together with friends

Pack an adventure pack For your hiking kids

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