How Many People Can Fit On A Pontoon Boat?

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Dubbed as “The Party Boat”, Pontoon boats are perfect vessels for holding parties with family and friends. They are designed to provide maximum comfort for recreation, leisure, and relaxation.

Before going on a boat trip with your entire family or group of friends its essential to know how many people can fit on a pontoon boat.  Let's answer  that today!


Check the Capacity  Plate

How Do I Find Out The Capacity Of My Pontoon Boat?

Boat Capacity Calculation

Two Ways:

Capacity plate 

Indicates the maximum number of passengers and maximum weight limit (passengers, gear, motor, and other items)

Boat Capacity Calculation

(Boat’s Length × Width) / 15 = Number of Passengers

in general, larger boats with more length tend to hold more passengers and pounds.

How Many People Fit On A Pontoon Boat?

20 foot pontoon: 9 persons, 1,200 lbs

22 foot pontoon: 10 persons, 1,370 lbs

27 foot double decker: 17 persons, 2,730 lbs

24 feet pontoon: 11 persons, 1,500 lbs

25 foot double decker: 12 persons, 1,830 lbs

28 feet and 2 inches tritoon: 16 persons, 2,500 lbs

Risks of Overloading Pontoon Boats

Capsizing Risks Legal Issues Reduced Boat Performance Insurance Invalidation

Remember to Boat Responsibly!

Sticking to your pontoon boat’s capacity and adhering to the rules don not only protect you, but all of those around you.