How Much are ATV Rentals?

Traveling for a vacation with a big and bulky equipment like an ATV can be burdensome even if you have your own vehicle to haul it. While some people prefer to have their own, renting an ATV is a great option to avoid dealing with certain inconveniences.

If you’re wondering how much are ATV rentals, then this is your answer!


How Much To Rent An ATV?

On average, ATV rental prices can cost:

$100 for a 1 person ATV ride for an hour

$600 for 4 person ride on a high-performance ATV for an hour

 ATV rentals may vary from place to place, ATV type and for how long you’ll be renting it.

How Much To Rent A Side By Side?

On average:

$150 for an hour

$2500 per for a week

How Much to Rent A Four Wheeler?

Four-wheeler rental rates average:

$165 for a 2-hour ride

$350 for a two-hour ride on a higher-end model


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