How To Get Rid Of Dock Spiders

Among many other bugs that can come aboard your boat, spiders seem to be the least tolerable.  Aside from their creepy look they can also damage your boats!

To protect your boat and the people boarding it, here are some effective ways on how to get rid of dock spiders.

Dock spiders are also called wharf spiders or fishing spiders, they are also known as Canada’s largest native spiders.

What Are Dock Spiders?

There are 5 varieties of dock spiders that live near rivers, streams, ponds, marshes, and reservoirs.

Where do you find dock spiders?

How Do Dock Spiders Damage Boats

Leaves webs everywhere

Can bite people on board, but highly unlikely

Dock spider poop if left unattended turns hard and can be definitely hard to get rid of




How To Get Rid Of Dock Spiders?

Use Spider sprays

Constant Cleaning

Cover Your Boats With Screen




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