How To Keep Food From Falling Out of Your RV Fridge


If you’ve ever experienced the stress of having all of your food fall out of the fridge onto your camper floor while in transit, then this guide its for you!

Learn tips & tricks for how to keep food from falling out of the RV fridge.

RV Fridge Storage Ideas To Keep Food From Falling Out


Invest in an RV Fridge Latch, which will keep the refrigerator door from opening.

TIP #1

If your RV fridge isn’t fully loaded, an RV Fridge Brace will ensure the food in your fridge stays in place throughout your trip.

TIP #2

You can also keep food products in place with tension rods to avoid messy spills during your trip.

TIP #3

Use RV Fridge Organizer bins to serve as trays and racks in the internal compartment of your refrigerator.

TIP #4

RV Fridge Hacks To Save Space

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02 Use Ziploc Bags To Save Space

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