If you are new to recreational ATV riding or have had your ATV in storage for a while, it’s important to perform an ATV Pre-Ride Inspection.

ATV Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist

Because every ATV is slightly different, it is important to familiarize yourself with your specific ATV owner’s manual maintenance checklists.

ATV Pre-Ride Checklist- “T” is for Tires and Wheels

Check all the following when inspecting your ATV tires. - Tire Air Pressure - Condition - Wheel Nuts and Axle Nuts

ATV Pre-Ride Checklist- “C” is for Controls and Cable Checks

The C of T-CLOC stands for Controls and Cables. - Controls - Throttle and other cables - Brakes - Foot Shifter

ATV Pre-Ride Checklist-“L” is for Lights and Electrics

L- of T-CLOCK is for the Lights and Electrics. - Ignition Switch - Engine Stop (Kill) Switch - Headlights and Taillights

ATV Pre-Ride Checklist- “O” is for Oil and Fuel

O in T-CLOC is for the Oil and Fuel - Always check your fuel and start each ride with a full tank of gas. - Check your owner’s manual for proper procedure, but always check your Oil levels with the dipstick while the engine is off and fill to appropriate levels. - Check for oil or fuel leaks. - Take off the air filter and check its condition.

ATV Pre-Ride Checklist- “C” is for Chain/Driveshaft and Chassis

Finally, the last “C” in T-CLOC stands for the chain/driveshaft and the chassis. - Drive Chain - Drive Shaft - Nuts and Bolts

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