If you absolutely have to store your ATV outside, it’s important to know a few things in order to protect your ATV both in the winter and throughout the rest of the year.

Tips For How To Store Your ATV Outside In The Winter

Here are 7 tips for how to store your ATV outside in the winter and keep your ATV in tip top condition throughout the year for the next riding season.

1. Build A Shed

Ideally, if you don’t have a garage or basement in which to store your ATV, the next best thing to do is to build a shed.

2. Clean Your ATV Before Storing It Outside

Motosport recommends you completely clean your ATV before putting it into storage for the winter.

3. Fuel Maintenance

What you do with the gasoline in your ATV during the winter is dependant upon what type of tank your ATV has.

4. Change The Oil and Oil Filter

Be sure to let your engine turn over once or twice every month (without starting it) during the winter to ensure that all the components stay well lubricated.

5. Tend To The Battery

You will want to get a battery tender to keep your battery in good shape over the winter months. Prolonged periods of nonuse will cause your battery to die pretty quickly.

6. ATV Tire Maintenance In The Winter

In order to protect your ATV tires during storage outside, you need to inflate them to their maximum capacity. Tires tend to slowly deflate over time and this is best way to to keep them inflated without weekly inflating them all winter.

7. Invest In A Good ATV Cover

Finally, you need to invest in a good ATV cover to protect your ATV when stored outside. It is recommended you not use a plastic tarp, but rather purchase a breathable fabric.

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