Chances are if you have done much research into wide toe box shoes, you’ve ran across the phrase, minimalist hiking boot.

Are Minimalist Shoes Good For Hiking?

While many hiking boots are designed to keep your feet dry on the trail and prevent ankle roll, most hiking boots have a narrow toe box and don’t provide adequate room for your toes.

What Are The Best Minimalist Hiking Boots?

There are currently only a few “truly minimalist” brands on the market that offer both the barefoot feeling of a minimalist shoe with the support needed in a hiking boot.

Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes were started in Boulder, CO by founder and creator, Andrew Rademacher, in 2008 after he exhausted his search for a shoe with a fit for the natural shape of the foot.

Lems Waterproof Boulder Boot

The latest Lems Waterproof Boulder Boot is our pick for favorite waterproof minimalist hiking boot on the market. It has the great wide toe box Lems has come to be known for with a very fashionable look.

Xero Minimalist Boots

Xero Shoes entered the minimalist shoe market in 2009 when husband and wife team, Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix launched Feel The World, Inc. on November 23, 2009.

Fully Waterproof Hiking Boot Xcursion

The newest hiking boot added to the Xero minimalist line truly has it all. The boot has a gusseted tongue and sealed waterproof inner liner with an additional water-repellent membrane inside the outer mesh.

Men’s Xcursion by Xero Shoes

A barefoot boot that’s waterproof, minimalist & lightweight – the Xcursion

Women’s Xcursion by Xero Shoes

A fully-waterproof barefoot boot. The minimalist, lightweight Xcursion

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