I can't wait to tell you about my absolute favorite pair of Wide Toe Box Hiking Shoes. You don't have to suffer on the trail anymore.

Having difficulty finding a pair of hiking shoes that don’t leave you in pain at the end of the hike? I can’t wait to tell you about my favorite pair!!

Enjoying a hike with bunions isn't impossible if you have the right pair of wide toe box hiking shoes...

There are shoes that will feel as though you are hiking barefooted so even you can enjoy the trail. 

Don't give up if you love to hike...


If you are a day hiker and want a great shoe for hiking and every day wear you are going to love these too!

Now, these don't look brand new because they are REALLY my shoes! They are so fabulous, however, I didn't think you'd mind seeing that I really do wear them. 

Discovering  wide toe box shoes for hiking was a gamechanger for my feet! If you  suffer from bunions, you need wide toe box hiking shoes!

You can read more and get your pair of Altra Quantic Timp 3 Trail Runners and several other great hiking shoes for those with bunions at the link below