When I think about the top RV camping resources you need to prepare for RV camping, how to pack an RV refrigerator is at the top of the list. Making clever of every space available is key to making that step towards an organized and clutter free RV fridge.

RV Fridge Organization Tips

The standard RV fridge is much smaller than what you have at home. Much like organizing your RV pantry and RV kitchen cabinets, RV fridge organization just takes a bit of thought, sorting, and planning.

How to Pack an RV Refrigerator

The common RV fridge has 4 zones and each zone has its characteristics and features that you would want to consider before you put your food inside. Door Upper shelves Bottom shelves Drawers

RV Refrigerator Storage Ideas

Using containers instead of leaving them in their packaging is a helpful trick if you want to save space inside and organize your RV fridge. Ziploc bags Stackable containers

Use Mesh Bags to Store Fruits and Veggies Inside the Fridge

Mesh bags are perfect for containing your fruits and veggies inside the fridge because they allow air to pass through your produce while it is stored inside the fridge.

Say No to Over Packing!

Carefully planning your meals and choosing which food items to store in your fridge is important. When you have too much food stuffed inside your fridge air circulation inside becomes an issue.

How to Keep Food from Falling Out of Your RV Fridge

After organizing your fridge, ensure all items are secure and will not fall over once your RV gets moving.

Care Tips for your RV fridge

Remember that, like any other appliance, your RV fridge needs maintenance to last. Be sure to check your RV owner’s manual for proper upkeep procedures and have it inspected during your annual winterizing routine.

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