Planning A Trip To The Smoky Mountains


Planning a trip to Smoky Mountains can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. But no worries because we made this  guide to help you!

What Is The Best Month To Visit the Smoky Mountains?

 The best month to visit the Smoky Mountains is during the Summer months(June & July) and Fall(October).

While these months are the best times to travel, they can also be very crowded. One of the best ways to avoid crowds is traveling during the off-season(January, February, and March).

How Many Days Do You Need For The Great Smoky Mountains?

In order to get a good overview of the Great Smoky Mountains, we recommend spending at least 4 days in the area. 

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If you really want to  “see it ALL”

Packing For The Smoky Mountains

It is important to make sure you are packing all the essentials and staying prepared for any of the unpredictable weather or terrain.

Be sure to pack


Comfortable walking shoes

Sturdy Hiking shoes or boots


Layers of Clothing


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How To Get To The Smoky Mountains?

The Knoxville McGee Tyson Airport is the closest airport(most convenient) to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

If you're coming in from  Nashville, Knoxville, and Asheville, It’s likely you’ll take Interstate 40 at some point during your trip.

Best Things To Do In  The Smoky Mountains






Wildlife Watching


Scenic Drives

Where to Stay?

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