The best pontoon boats on the market can provide a comfortable and fun experience on the water, and if you hold value in that, then a pontoon boat is a good investment for your family.

How Long Do Pontoon Boats Last?

Pontoon boats can last on average about 10 to 20 years. They are easy to maintain and are typically less expensive to insure.

Pros Of A Pontoon Boat

– More Spacious than most boats – Comfortable – Longer lifespan than other motorboats – Easy to maintain – Plenty of Customization Options – Very Safe – Great Stability on the Water – Highly versatile – Beginner-friendly – Perfect family boat

Cons Of A Pontoon Boat

– New ones can be expensive – Not made for rough waters – Most are not meant for high speed, though some of the newer ones can reach speeds of 40 mph – Older models can be loud

Here are our picks for the best pontoon boat brands in 2022.

Premier Marine

Premier Marine is one of the top manufacturers of luxury pontoon boats. In fact, this was the pontoon boat brand we chose when purchasing our new boat.


Based in Elkhart, Indiana the company was founded in 1997 by a small group of industry veterans and has long since been making pontoon boats that are considered to be the cream of the crop.


Princecraft is a Canadian brand that is known to be one of the top manufacturers of high-quality aluminum boats. Today, the Princecraft pontoon boats are found across Canada and the US supported by a wide network of dedicated seasoned dealers.


Avalon is a worldwide leader when it comes to producing luxurious and smartly designed pontoon boats, this is a far cry from their humble beginnings in 1972 when they made handcrafted toons in a pole barn somewhere in Mason Michigan.

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