Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

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If you haven’t been to the Ride Royal Blue Off road Park IN TN yet, you are missing out! 

Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

6307 Stinking Creek Rd, Pioneer, TN 37847

Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort is an off-road adventure paradise located in the beautiful North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area in Tennessee.

difficult paths are clearly marked and rated

See abandoned mines & massive boulder formations along the trail

600 miles of trails that traverse across 200,000 acres 

Not only ATVs but different kinds of outdoor vehicles are welcome, from dual sport and trail bikes to four-wheel drive trucks, jeeps, rail buggies, and mountain bikes.

There are 120 RV sites at the Ride Royal Blue campground, over 60 cabins and many other amenities for you to enjoy. 

Ride Royal Blue Permits

Permits are required for each vehicle visiting Ride Royal Blue off road park. 

Daily Permit: Type 36

Tennessee Residents

Annual Pass:  Type 1 plus Type 93

Junior Annual ( 13± ): Type 2 plus Type 94

Passengers and Children 12 and below

$15 /day




Daily Permit: Type 38

Non Residents

Seven-day pass: Type 72 plus Type 93

Annual Pass: Type 71 plus Type 93

Junior Annual ( 13± ): Type 70 plus Type 94

$37 /day




Passengers and Children 12 & below


Best Trails at Ride Royal Blue

The Royal Blue

This sprawling OHV unit is comprised of two distinct areas; the Royal Blue ATV Area and the historic Sand Mines.

Sundquist Unit

Known especially for its rocky and rugged trails. Here, you’ll find a variety of terrain, from deep mud holes to steep hills 

New River

 With a whopping 100+ miles of maintained trails awaiting you, this system offers an array of exciting points of interest, including waterfalls, stunning views, and mines!

Tackett Creek

Tackett Creek has a range of pathways that will keep you on your toes as you navigate winding paths, abandoned mines, and rock(& boulder!) infested terrain.

Cabins Near Ride Royal Blue 

Onsite Cabins

Eagle Rock Resort & Campground

Walden Woods


There are still so much to learn about the Ride Royla Blue!

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