There’s no question that rotomolded coolers are the best coolers on the market. While Yeti rotomolded coolers are probably the most well known rotomolded coolers on the market, there are several other cheaper rotomolded coolers that offer the same, and sometimes better, quality than a Yeti.

What is a Rotomolded Cooler?

Rotomolding is a process by which a powdered polymer is poured into a hollow mold which is then heated and rotated around two axes as the polymer melts and coats the inside of the mould.

Advantages Of Rotomolded Coolers

Rotomolded coolers have many similarities to soft-sided coolers, but there are also outstanding differences between them. Rotomolded coolers offer some features that are more advantageous than its counterpart.


Rotomolded coolers are built using durable materials that can take a beating. The process from which they are made is called “rotational molding/rotomolding”.

Large Capacity

Unlike soft-sided coolers that tend to have a limited capacity which is why they’re very portable, rotomolded coolers offer larger storage space. Aside from storing ice and beverages, they can also be used to store food like meats so they stay frozen/fresh until consumption.

Better Ice Retention

Because they are made of heavy-duty materials and constructed to offer maximum insulation, they tend to have better ice retention than their soft-sided counterparts.

Coolers Comparable To Yeti

Yeti Coolers- The Yardstick Like it or not there is one cooler brand that has been able to “steal the stage” you might say when it comes to name recognition and that is YETI. Sometimes in marketing, a brand that makes it to the top becomes its own verb.

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