How To Organize Your RV Bathroom


It may feel like it’s impossible to keep your RV bathroom organized (and clean), but its attainable!  All it takes is a little pre-planning and a few handy tools.

How To Organize Your RV Bathroom

Pack Only  The Essentials

Make a list of the minimum items you will need for your RV camping trip.



Use Your RV Bathroom Doors

Use over-the-door storage organizer

Use over the door towel rack or coat rack


Use Your RV Bathroom Walls

Add a towel holder

Bathroom wall organizer

Swiveling towel bars

Wine rack towel holder


Use Your RV Bathroom Cabinets

Over-the-cabinet door organizers

Add plexiglass to prevent things from falling out when you get things from the cabinets.

How To Organize Your RV Bathroom Accessories

Expandable Shelf Racks

If you have the space, try adding expandable shelf racks underneath your bathroom sinks, creating divisions to store and sort more items.

Use Microfiber Towels

They take up less space than your regular towels and absorb water more efficiently.

Retractable Laundry Line

Great way to dry wet towels or clothes in between trips to the laundry or even store items in the shower when you simply have nowhere else to go.

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