RV Shower Hacks 


If you're struggling to find an enjoyable way of showering in your RV, worry no more! With these awesome RV shower hacks you can make your shower time much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Where Do RV Showers Get Water?

RV showers get water from onboard tanks that are filled by a hose connected to either a city water hookup or an outside source like a lake, river, or stream.

When using an outside source, some form of filtration may be used to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Use a Shower Head Filter

RV Shower Hacks

A shower head filter can help reduce chlorine, sediment, and other impurities for more clean water.

Be Organized

RV Shower Hacks

Use shower caddies, over the door pocket organizers and baskets to store your toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

use Microfiber towels

RV Shower Hacks

Consider replacing your fluffy towels with microfiber towels that dry quickly and take up significantly less space.

Use A Retractable Laundry Line

RV Shower Hacks

Great way to dry wet towels or clothes in between trips to the laundry or even store items in the shower when you simply have nowhere else to go.

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