Is It Cheaper To RV Or Stay In Hotels?

The cost of RVing versus staying in hotels can vary greatly depending on

Travel distance

Length of stay


Camping style + cost

Fuel costs

Hotel Costs For One Week

For a Family of 5

Min. of $250/night on average

A one-week stay would cost  approximately $3125

Plus an average of 14% in hotel taxes & fees

When staying in a hotel without a kitchen, you're most likely going to be spending anywhere from a minimum of $100/day for food to as much as $ 200/day

Assuming you take a road trip for 375 miles. Your fuel cost to drive the car to the hotel would be approximately $80.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay In An RV Park?

State or Local small RV park or campground

an average of $29-$45/ night

These parks would have the amenities of a swimming pool for the kids as well as a full hook-up and a dump station for you.

RV Park Costs For 1 Week

Approximately $852.50

Groceries for the week

Daily average= $200

Eating out

Additional $150

Pulling the travel trailer (if applicable)

Approximately $187.50 in fuel

 Camping would definitely be more economical for a family.

A hotel may be a better option If;

You have a lot of credit card  hotel points

If you can also get a hotel with a kitchen and plan to eat in more

The bottom line is, if you can stay on hotel points and reduce your eating-out expenses, you can, in theory, bring the cost of staying in a hotel equal to the cost of RV camping.

Is Renting an RV Cheaper Than A Hotel?

Cost for RV Park


Cost for Food


Cost for Fuel


Cost for Travel Trailer Rental for one week in peak summer


Approximately $1913

it is more expensive to rent an RV, but the cost of staying in a hotel is greater than 60% higher unless you book your hotel on credit card points.

Additional fees will be added for pet fees, generator use, and any additional insurance. There is standard insurance included in the cost of the rental.


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