Things To Do In The Smoky Mountains  In May


If waterfalls, wildlife, and wild flowers make you smile, then visiting the Smoky Mountains in May should put a grin on your face from ear to ear.

Is May good time to visit Smoky Mountains?

May is indeed a beautiful time to visit. The bright green trees are sprinkled with the spring colors of wildflowers and the sound of babbling streams and waterfalls.

Many people have returned to school and the summer crowds have not yet arrived, cabins tend to have much better rates in May than you will find in other months throughout the year.

Smoky Mountains Weather in May

With average temp. staying in a mild mid-70s range, the weather is as close to perfect as things get in this part of the country.  You won’t experience humidity or extreme cold in most cases.

See Spring Flowers

With over 1,500 different kinds of floras growing throughout the area, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the best places to see spring flowers in the USA.

Dollywood’s Flower and Food Festival

Dollywood's Spring Flower Festival continues in May and offers guests an opportunity to see more than half a millions flowers on display throughout the park.

Go Whitewater Rafting

As the weather gets slightly warmer, May is one of the best times to cool off and go white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains.

Smoky Mountains' Cinco de Mayo

The Smoky Mountains celebrate Cinco de Mayo with lots of lively music and dance, Latin American drinks and enchiladas, tamales, tacos, and other Mexican food. 

Take a Scenic Drive

hile Fall is a great time to see the mountains, Spring is just as beautiful! Plus, you get to enjoy the views without the fall traffic jams.

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