Things  To Do In Mountain City, TN

Things  To Do In Mountain City, TN


Mountain City is an enchanting destination that offers a variety of exciting things to do.

from outdoor adventures to unique experiences, there’s something here to suit everyone’s interests.

What is Mountain City, TN Known For?

It is known for its annual Fall Foliage Festival, which celebrates the changing of leaves. Featuring arts and crafts booths, a parade, live music, and more.

Best Things To Do In Mountain City, TN

ATV Riding at Doe Mountain

Whether you're looking for an easy trail ride or want to challenge yourself on some technical single track, Doe Mountain has it all.


Visit Johnson County Center for the Arts

 They host a variety of concerts, plays, and art exhibits throughout the year featuring local and national talent. 


Join the Long Journey Home Festival

Happening every labor day weekend. This is an annual event celebrating the music, culture, and history of the Appalachian Mountains.


Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Motor Speedway has been an integral part of the city for decades, hosting some of the biggest NASCAR races in the country.


Ralph Stout Park

This public park is home to some of the most stunning mountain views in the region, and its sprawling paths are perfect for leisurely walks.



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