What Type of ATV helmet do you need?

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Before you can decide on which ATV helmet to ride for recreational ATV riding, it’s important to understand more about what type of helmet for ATV riding you should choose.

Full Face Helmet

It has a chin bar and visor for visibility and covers the entire head and face. 


¾ Open Face Helmet

These helmets have an open face and cover ¾ of your head. They can be paired with ATV goggles and offer more ventilation


Dirt bike helmets or motocross helmets

It is certainly one of the most economical options and can also be a safe option. 


Dual-Sport Adventure Helmets

Dual-sport ATV helmets are the best helmet for ATV riding because they offer the best protection and versatility.


Modular Helmets

Offers the safety of a full-face dual-sport or motocross helmet while riding at high speed


The short answer to this is NO! While off-road vehicle helmet requirements will vary by state, it is very likely that only DOT-approved helmets will be legal in any given state.

Can You Wear a Bicycle Helmet on an ATV?

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