What Size of ATV Helmet Do You Need?


If you are shopping for a new ATV helmet for your recreational ATV riding adventures, you might be wondering, What size ATV helmet do I need? Let's answer that today!

How To Measure For Best ATV Helmet Fit



01. Use a tailor’s or sewing measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head from 1/2” above your eyebrow around to the fullest part of your skull. 


02. Record your measurement in both centimeters and inches to be sure you have the measurement you need. 


03. The ATV helmet should fit SNUG! Helmet should not go off easily nor too tight to remove.


04. The fit you are checking is the fit on your head (not your face).   There should be no slippage!

The 4S’s of ATV Helmet Sizing

The Snell Foundation has developed a helmet guide to help you determine if any helmet fits properly. Utilizing what they call the 4S’s they offer the following advice.

Snell Foundation List

Your helmets should have  an approved Snell Foundation Certificate.


Be sure your helmet doesn’t shift on your head.


 ATV helmets that offer peel away foam and cheek pads are a better choice to ensure proper fitment.


You shouldn’t be able to slip more than two fingers underneath the strap.

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Not Sure if you've got the right ATV helmet size?

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