When Does Dollywood Close?


As much as we all want to visit Dollywood year-round, the amusement park does shut down for a few months.

The season typically starts late March, with extended hours during the summer months. Dollywood usually closes for the winter in early January.

How Long Is The Dollywood Season?

How Long Is The Dollywood Season?

Dollywood closes for the season on January 7, 2024

When Does Dollywood Close?

Each year, Dollywood takes a two-month winter vacation starting in January and reopens its gates to the public near the end of March.

During this period, they take advantage of the break by diligently preparing for their upcoming season.

The park is closed to visitors, but the staff and crew are still hard at work! Every department is responsible for performing various tasks that need to get done before the park reopens.

In addition to this, Dollywood also takes advantage of the off-season to introduce new attractions and shows for visitors to enjoy.

Also, do note that while Dollywood Themepark is closed, Dollywood DreamMore Resort and Spa remains open.

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