Best Places To Go Winter Camping In Tennessee


Winter camping in Tennessee offers a unique experience that can’t be found in warmer seasons. 

Believe it or not, the cold winter temperatures bring some benefits for those looking to stay safe while camping outdoors.

Camping in winter is often considered much safer than traditional summer camping because there is a lower risk of exposure to disease-carrying insects and animals.

Can You Camp In Tennessee In The Winter?

YES! Tennessee has many diverse camping opportunities, and winter can be a great time to explore the beauty of the state.

Is Camping in The Winter Safe?

Camping in the winter is safe as long as you are prepared and take all necessary precautions. 

Set up camp on dry land to avoid hypothermia from cold water exposure.

Bring warm clothing/Dress in Layers

Keep warm drinks available. Places a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag for added warmth.

Use a four-season tent with a windproof rainfly for extra warmth.

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Best Places To Go Winter Camping In Tennessee

It is an ideal spot for winter camping as it provides access to some of the best winter views, trails, and wildlife that Tennessee offers. 

Roan Mountain State Park

This state park near Nashville, TN, has 109 campsites at the park, and 22 are tent-only sites if you're feeling more adventurous.

Montgomery Bell State Park

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains in winter. And keep your eyes peeled for some white tallied deer in the area.

Cades Cove Campground

Located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and surrounded by forests, it offers an excellent opportunity to experience nature in its full glory .

Greenbrier Campground

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