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What Is ATV Riding?

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The term, recreational vehicle, is a broad term that can be used to describe all sorts of things from campers, to jet skis, to 4-wheelers. So when I say that I write about recreational ATV riding, you might be asking yourself, What is ATV Riding?

In this post, I answer that question and give you a brief overview of ATV riding for recreational and sporting purposes.

What is ATV Riding?

What is an ATV?

According to the American National Standards Institute (apparently, they are the people who set standards for things, LOL), an ATV is,

“a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control.”

Now that you have the “official” definition of an ATV, let’s talk about how it is used.

The term ATV is really used by most enthusiasts now to describe both 4-wheeler or quad motorized vehicles and the larger side-by-side vehicles.

While some people are going to be more particular than others, the fact remains that the term, “ATV” is thrown around to describe both types of sporting vehicles.

Is ATV Riding a Sport?

ATV, or All-Terrain-Vehicle, riding didn’t start out as a sport.

Many farmers and landowners began using these versatile vehicles to help them get around on their farms, but it quickly became evident that a 4-wheeler or a side-by-side motor vehicle could be a lot of fun, and thus recreational ATV riding was born.

So, yes, recreational ATV riding is most definitely now a sport.

is atv riding a sport?

What is Recreational ATV Riding?

Recreational ATV riding is exactly what it sounds like, it is riding either a 4-wheeled motorbike or a side by side for the purposes of sport and recreation.

The riding of these vehicles has become quite versatile and there are numerous ways you may see them being utilized for recreational purposes.

  • ATV Trail Riding– My favorite way to ride an ATV is trail riding in Tennesee through the Appalachian mountains. I absolutely love climbing the trails of these beautiful mountains with my husband in our Polaris RZR.
  • ATV Mud Parks- If you want to sling some mud and have a bit of crazy fun that will probably wind up on an ATV fails Facebook page; then you may want to try your hand at ATV mudding. Some of the parks we share in South Carolina or Florida cater more to this type of ATV riding.
  • ATV Desert Riding- Out west where there are fewer ATV trails, folks love to take these vehicles through the desert sands. In fact, there are specialty ATV helmets created just for that purpose.
  • ATV Rock Climbing– Like the desert and dune riding, using an ATV for extreme rock climbing is a popular sport out west and here in the Appalachian mountains. The Red Rocks of Utah and Arizona make for excellent rock climbing adventures.
  • ATV Racing– And, of course, we can’t leave out the wildly popular and fast-growing sport of ATV racing. Just like motocross, there is a whole cottage industry dedicated to ATV racing.

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