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What Size ATV Helmet Do I Need?

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If you are shopping for a new ATV helmet for your recreational ATV riding adventures, you might be wondering, What size ATV helmet do I need?

In this article, I will explain how to decide on the right size ATV helmet to choose and how to ensure it is fitting properly for your comfort and safety on the ATV trail.

What size ATV Helmet do I need?

We have previously shared our top picks for the best ATV helmets for trail riding and we’ve discussed how to choose the right type of ATV helmet for your trail-riding adventures.

In this post, I want to share how to properly size your ATV helmet for the best fit. Fitment is an important factor in deciding what type of ATV helmet you choose because an improperly fit helmet is an unsafe helmet.

How Do I Decide The Right Size ATV Helmet?

While there is no standard sizing among manufacturers, most of them offer a sizing chart.  If you follow the procedure listed below to measure your head and then check the specific manufacturer sizing chart, you will be able to determine the best fit.

How to Properly Size an ATV Helmet

How To Measure For Best ATV Helmet Fit

  • Use a tailor’s or sewing measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head from 1/2” above your eyebrow around to the fullest part of your skull.  This is easier if you have someone help you.
  • Most sizing charts are in inches, but you may wish to record your measurement in both centimeters and inches to be sure you have the measurement you need. 
  • The ATV helmet should fit SNUG!  If the helmet easily glides on with little force, it is likely too big.  If the helmet goes on too easily, it may well come off just as easily in the event of an accident or blunt force.
  • The fit you are checking is the fit on your head (not your face). The cheek pads will contour to your face over time and some helmets even offer peel aways to aid in this, but we are most concerned with the fit of your head! There should be no slippage!
  • Once you choose the size of helmet and receive your new helmet, perform these steps to ensure a good fit.
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How To Determine If Your ATV Helmet Fits Properly

  1. Tighten your chin strap and gently lift upward on the helmet or turn your head from side to side. There should be NO PLAY.  If so, it is TOO BIG.
  2. Next, grab the back of your helmet and try to lift it forward.  You should be UNABLE to lift your helmet off of your head in this manner.
  3. Finally, check to see if you can slip your fingers underneath the front of your helmet along your forehead. If so, then the helmet is TOO BIG.  Again, the helmet must fit SNUG to ensure maximum safety.
  4. Leave the helmet on for a few minutes to ensure there are no uncomfortable spots that worsen over time.   

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The 4S’s of ATV Helmet Sizing

The Snell Foundation has developed a helmet guide to help you determine if any helmet fits properly. Utilizing what they call the 4S’s they offer the following advice.

  1. Snell Foundation List- Choose a helmet that has an approved Snell Foundation Certificate.
  2. Size- Sizing may vary from helmet to helmet, so be sure your helmet doesn’t shift on your head.
  3. Shape- The shape of your head will affect your fit. That’s why ATV helmets that offer peel away foam and cheek pads are a better choice to ensure porper fitment.
  4. Strap- You shouldn’t be able to slip more than two fingers underneath the strap.

Speaking of safety, it’s important that you perform an ATV Pre-Ride inspection every time you hit the trails. Be sure to grab this FREE checklist to help!

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