How To Fit Hiking Boots

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Since hiking boots are such an essential piece of hiking gear, it’s important to learn the basics of how to fit hiking boots.

Should hiking boots fit snug or loose?

Your boots should fit snug around your heel and the sides of your foot while leaving an inch for your toes.

Is it better for hiking boots to be bigger or smaller?

Experts often suggest buying hiking boots that are a size bigger than your normal shoe size.

Your feet get larger over the course of the day

Your feet get larger when you are warm

Some of the reasons for this are:

How do you tell if your hiking boots are too big?

Your hiking boots are too big if:


You are getting a blister on your heel

You lace them tight and your foot still moves side-to-side or forward and backward.

Not enough ankle support

How do I know if my hiking boots are too small?

Your hiking boots are too small if:


Pressure on toe area

Your toes are overlapping each other

Squeezing pressure even when laces are loosened

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