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Best Coffee Makers For Campers In 2023

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In my world, RV camping and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly, so I set out to find the best coffee makers for campers I could find.

Surprisingly, there are tons of small coffee makers on the market now, so no matter how much space you have [or don’t have], you’ll be able to find the perfect coffee maker for your camper.

Best Coffee Makers for Campers
Best Coffee Makers for Campers

Here’s our take on the best coffee makers for campers you are gonna love!

Can You Use A Coffee Maker In A Camper?

Yes, while RVs tend to have limited space, you’ll still find a space in the RV kitchen to put your coffee makers. These coffee makers work by the same basic process moving water through the coffee grounds to extract all that yummy goodness and produce the perfect cup of coffee.

Types Of Coffee Makers For Campers

Whether you like your coffee brewed slowly to perfection or you prefer easy and fast, there are a wide variety of coffee makers for campers on the market that is suited for your RV camping needs.

Here are the different types of coffee makers that feature different coffee brewing processes.

Single Serve Coffee Makers

These types of coffee makers are very popular. No doubt you’ve heard of the most popular brand, Keurig.

This single-cup magic coffee maker produces a great cup of coffee from a small plastic individually served coffee “pod” and a cup full of water. These style coffee pots are perfect for camping because of their compact design.

One disadvantage is its price, it is quite expensive compared to most drip coffee makers. In addition to the cost of the coffee maker, the pods are more expensive per cup of coffee compared to standard ground coffee. However, compared to Starbucks, it’s still quite affordable.

Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers are the conventional coffee makers found in most kitchens. While these coffee makers are larger than a single-service Keurig, they are still quite compact and much more economical.

Best Coffee Makers for Campers
Best Coffee Makers for Campers

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour overs have a pretty simple brewing process. Put the coffee filter holder with the filter on it over your mug or carafe. Put the coffee grounds on the filter, add hot water, and allow the water to seep through to produce coffee straight to your containers.

Compared to the French press, the pour-over method is a slow process wherein you put water slowly into the coffee grounds at timed intervals.


“Cowboy coffee” is actually my favorite way to enjoy coffee at the campground. However, it is a bit more labor-intensive. You know what they say, “The best things come to those who wait”. Honestly, it’s not that hard, and it makes a really delicious cup of coffee that sets those early morning camping mornings just right.

Percolators work by continually cycling the boiling or nearly boiling brew through the grounds using gravity until the required strength is reached. They are very durable yet very affordable, you can also use them to make tea if you want.

The coffee quality that it produces is similar to that of the drip coffee maker.

French Press

If you want your coffee to have a robust, smooth, and rich flavor, the French press is perfect for you. Coffee enthusiasts love to use the French press because of the premium coffee taste after brewing. Brewing in a French press uses immersion to brew the coffee with the absence of a filter.

One downside is that it’s not easy to maintain since you have to take it apart before you can clean it.

Things To Consider When Buying A Coffee Maker For Campers

Here are the most important things to consider before you make your final decision.


Space is a luxury when it comes to RV living. So you want to choose something that can be placed in your RVs kitchen countertops that does not occupy so much space. Small coffee makers like the Mini Keurig coffee maker are perfect for tight spaces inside your RV.

Easy To Clean

Like any other appliances or tools, coffee makers should also be cleaned every now and then. Choose a coffee maker that works simply and cleaner when brewing so you won’t have to deal with so much mess after coffee brewing.


Most coffee makers are made of stainless steel metals which are highly durable. But some units include a glass carafe and can break when it’s not secured in place.

Factors like these should be considered as well.

How Many People Will It Serve

Choose a convenient coffee maker that can serve the number of coffee drinkers in your campers. Single-serve coffee is not a good idea if you’re brewing for a large number of people since it can take up so much time and electricity as well. 

Brewing Method

Each person likes to do their own “thing” when it comes to coffee brewing. Whether you like manual brewing or a coffee maker that does all the job for you, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Make sure you pick what suits your taste.

How to Prevent Coffee Maker From Sliding In My Camper?

Small appliances inside your RV tend to move when you’re on the road, and that includes your coffee makers. This is perfectly normal and can be prevented using simple solutions.

  • Putting non-skid cloth, silicone mats, and non-slip rubber shelf liners under your coffee maker to help prevent it from moving or sliding on your kitchen countertops.
  • You can also put hooks on the wall between the coffee maker and attach a short bungee cord from end to end. This will hold your coffee pots in place.
  • Velcro command strips work perfectly in holding stuff inside your RV and can be used with appliances on your countertops as well.

Keep reading to learn more about our top picks for the best coffee makers for campers.

Best Coffee Makers For Campers

As a camper, it can be pretty hard to pick the right coffee maker that suits you since there are many options on the market. Although the function of a coffee maker is pretty much straightforward, you still need to make a wise decision and look for features that work best for you and your camping needs.

To help you look for the perfect unit, we’ve listed the best coffee makers for campers on the market that can do the job efficiently.

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