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Best Places To Travel In April [In The USA]

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When people think of the best places to travel during spring break, they think of crowded beaches. The good news is that there are other best places to travel in April in the US that are more than just those jam-packed vacation spots, and we got that rounded up in this list just for you.

Spring Break crowds can hamper your vacation, but you don’t have to choose the crowds for your US April travel destination. If you’re looking to escape the crowds, consider a family hiking adventure in a US national park or state park, or take a relaxing road trip down the Pacific Coast Hwy.

Best Places To Travel In April
Best Places To Travel In April

Whatever you will choose, the important thing is the memories you will create with your family. Here are our picks for the best places to travel in April in the USA you shouldn’t miss.

Where Is The Warmest Place In The US in April?

Most of us are looking to escape the cold winter weather and longing for the warmth of spring. If you don’t know already, there are plenty of warm places to visit in the continental US during April.

Here are the top 5 states with the warmest places in April to consider for your next vacation:

  • Arizona– Phoenix, 86ºF
  • Florida– Miami 84ºF, Tampa 83ºF, Orlando 83ºF, Jacksonville 81ºF
  • Texas– Austin 80ºF, San Antonio 80ºF
  • Nevada– Las Vegas 79ºF
  • Louisiana– New Orleans 79ºF

When packing for a trip to a warm destination in the US in April, be sure to pack plenty of light, airy clothing. Sundresses, shorts, and tank tops are all great choices.

You’ll also want to pack sunscreen and a sun hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. And, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit if you’re planning on spending any time at the beach or pool.

Best Places To Travel In April
Best Places To Travel In April

If you’re looking for more options on where to have a vacation where it’s warm, then be sure to keep scrolling to check out more places to travel in April in the US.

Best Places To Travel in April In The USA

April is one of the best times to travel, whether you're looking for an adventure, blooming flowers, or just somewhere to spend Spring break.

While the crowds may swell a bit with Spring breakers, chances are they will still be considerably lower than those summer crowds. Here are the best places to travel in the US in April that are worth visiting.

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